1. Go to job post manager and click on the drafted post tab.

2. Click on the "Publish Post" button of the post that you want to make it live or publish.

3. Review the post contents and click on the button "next" button

4. Review the post setting and candidate matching criteria. If you are ready, you can publish the post. You have two option. First one is you can subscribe to a plan and post the job (Recommended). This option lets you use many features of HealthcareLink .ie. Connecting with Matching Professionals, promoting your practice profile and peer referrals features.

If you want to do that please click on Subscribe to post.

5. You can select the posting options and proceed to the payment option. If you select Basic or On-demand option, you are not required to make payment. If you have posting credits you can select the posting type that yo want to post the job with.

6. You can purchase by putting your payment details, once confirmed your post will be published.

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