Your Premium Post, in comparison to a Basic Post, is actively promoted on search results, via email, through online job aggregators, and industry partner sites like GPCE, Hospital + Healthcare, and myHealth Career, bringing up to 7x more exposure for your job post. With each Premium Post you receive:

  • Unlimited edits for 30 days
  • Full Access to Professional Profiles of applicants
  • 20 Professional Job Invitation Credits
  • 1 Job Referral Program Activation Credit
  • And the added benefits of...

Active promotion on search results 

This feature means your job post will be highlighted over other competing job posts, giving your vacancy a better chance of being seen by potential candidates and not glossed over. Your business logo is also promoted with the job post on the search results, email alerts, job aggregators and industry partners. A “Posted By” link is shown, linking your job to your practice or business profile. 

Active promotion of your business or practice profile

Taking up a new role is a big change for a professional to make and they want to ensure they are making the right decision. Your business or practice profile shows the professional that you have a legitimate practice/ business, where you are located, and relevant information about your practice/business. This will support their decision in applying for your role over others. A link to your profile will be available to click on your job post allowing the job seeker to view the page. They can also follow your practice for future job openings alerts.

View one sample profile link

Adding a video introduction to your job

You can also add a video description to the job post which will improve candidate engagement in your recruitment process and increase the quality of applications. You can easily record this video using your smartphone's camera.

Active promotion via direct email alerts

Every week, professionals receive email alerts of jobs that match their skills and experience. A promoted job post will be highlighted in these emails.

This is the same for email alerts that professionals receive when new jobs are posted on the platform. Promoted jobs are highlighted over standard jobs, making the post stand out.

Promoted online 

Promoted job posts will be featured on HealthcareLink Industry Partner sites as well as the major job aggregators operating in Australia. This saves you from having to find different job boards to post on and your job post gets the benefit of being seen by more potential candidates.

With our one-off Premium Access option you get 1 Premium Post included, and 1 per month if you subscribe to Premium Access Monthly. This number can be increased to as much as you need if you request a Custom Premium Access Package.

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If you're looking for a ready-to-work/highly qualified candidate and would like our dedicated team's help with the entire hiring process, read more about our On-Demand Access option here.

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