Now for your job post, you can add a 2 minutes video description or an intro on HealthcareLink platform. You can use your smart mobile or any laptop or desktop cameras to record this video from your practice or work setup straight away. Please note: You have to have a promoted job post to able to use this feature. If you have a standard post, please upgrade to promoted post now to add video to your job post.

So here is how you do it.

1. You have to edit the post that you want to add video introduction. Click on the job post in job post manager screen and then click the Edit Post button.

2. Go to the video description section, then click on the video description button.

3. Make sure you are in the right place to record video, when you are ready please select the "Lets go" button.

4. Give an introduction about your job vacancy, practice/bussiness setup etc. When you finish you can click on stop recording. You can retake the video 3 times if you are not happy with your recording.

5. Once video or is finished you will get this below screen, please click on Finish.

6. Please make sure the video description says "completed" as below screen. It's done now.

7. Your video description should be now live in HealthcareLink site. Please check the job post on If you have any issues please contact support team at HealthcareLink.

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