What You'll Learn

Is the growth of your medical practice stagnated because you're in a never-ending cycle of doctors and nurses revolving through your doors?

In this webinar, you will learn about what it takes to hire healthcare practitioners who will stay with you through those early days of growing a clinic. Or perhaps you recruit for a busy practice that is in constant need of doctors, nurses and support staff. 

You will learn from the experts: 

  • How to attract better candidates to job applications
  • Improve your workplace culture with simple strategies
  • How to use the tools already at your fingertips to find the ideal fit
  • How to speed up your hiring time
  • Choose from new, more relevant applicants who will stay longer with your practice
  • Follow the same process as our expert consultants to set yourself up for DIY-recruitment success!

HealthcareLink's mission is to makes it easy for businesses and professionals in the healthcare and medical industry to connect with one another. It does through its online platform and traditional support services. 

HealthcareLink helps connect employers with professionals, experts with their peers, professionals with continuing development and career opportunities. 

Boost your hiring process! 

Take your medical practice to the next level  

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