Ever wanted to reach out directly to highly qualified individuals for your open healthcare or medical position, after seeing their profiles and experiences? Well, you can! 

Using our Job Invitation Credits you can seek out and invite the exact type of employee you're looking for from our 35,000+ healthcare & medical professional member base.

So, how does it work? Follow these simple steps to find out!

Step 1: Subscribe as a Premium Access Member

In order to get access to our Job Invitation Credits you need to subscribe to our Premium Access Membership which gives you 20 Professional Job Invitation Credits per month.

Step 2: Create & Complete Your Job Post

If you haven't created & completed your job post already, you'll need to finalise it in order for our system to auto-match you with your ideal employee. 

Step 3: Sit Back & Relax

Take it easy while our system does all the work for you and automatically selects a pool of potential employees from our member base that will be best suited to your role. 

Step 4: Use Your Job Invitation Credits

Determine which members you would like to reach out to from the pre-selected pool by browsing their profiles.

Once you have looked at the ideal members' profiles, you are able to use your Professional Job Invitation Credits to invite them to your open position. Once invited, they will receive an email with your invitation. If they are interested in the position they will apply. 

You take over the process from there, or if you would like to have one of our many specialists screen your candidate first, you can apply for our On-Demand Access service.

Any questions? Feel free to message us using the pop-up on the bottom right.   

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