Do you know how to write an effective job ad? Your job ad is the key marketing tool that has to work very hard to attract high quality professionals. If you’re simply writing a quick job description and posting it onto a bunch of popular job boards, you could be missing the mark and potentially losing out on attracting a greater number of high calibre candidates. This is especially important when recruiting for the healthcare and medical field where the competition can be fierce.

So here are some tips to help you think like a marketer and write job ads that resonate and catch your target audience’s attention!

Write A Concise & Compelling Job Title 

Make sure the title of your ad incorporates and begins with the most commonly used terminology or keywords for that particular job. For example, if you’re hiring a General Practitioner for your medical practice, incorporate the word “GP” into your job title as “GP” is more commonly used and is searched more often than General Practitioner. 

For simplicity's sake from here on out we will use GPs as the main example, but the tips and tricks apply to all professions in healthcare.

Include three/four key selling points of the job – Follow the position title with three/four key points that highlight the benefits of the role. These could be the salary, flexibility of the role, hours, or the culture at the organisation, centre or community. 

Look at the job carefully and think about what would attract you to that particular role. If you’re really stuck, try asking some of your staff and colleagues why they enjoy the workplace – what you hear just might surprise you! 

Here is an example of a decently worded and compelling job title:

"General Practitioner - 75% of Billings - Flexible Hours"

According to Indeed's Job Posts Analysis 2018, your job title should be no more than:

  • 35 Job title length in characters for mobile (approximately 5 words)
  • 60 Job title length in characters for desktop (approximately 10 words)

Remember to keep your style consistent throughout the title as well. ("Flexible Hours - Modern Practice" vs "Flexible hours - Modern practice")

What not to add - With job titles it is tempting to put in a lot of information to attract the exact employee you want, but sometimes too much information can turn away potential candidates who are not interested in reading a long or spammy title.

  • Location - There is no need to add the location as it already shows up next to the job title.
  • Exclamation Marks (!) - These make the job title look spammy. 
  • CAPITALISATION - There is no need to put your title in full capital letters in order to try and capture the attention of Job Seekers. This will only make the job title seem desperate and of a lower quality.

Here is an example of a job title that is too long, has unnecessary inclusions and will turn off high quality candidates:

"VR OR NON VR GP in Western Sydney BLACKTOWN DWS 457 VISA sponsorship absolutely AMAZING private practice with nurses available and 75% of billings!!"

It is also important that your job title is not TOO short, as something like "GP" as a full job title will not be enticing enough for a high quality employee to apply as there is not enough information. 

Write a Job Ad – Not a Description 

The purpose of a job ad is to get people to apply. So include as much information as possible (succinctly!) about what you can offer such as a supportive team environment, percentage of billings, nursing support, modern facilities, practice details, professional development opportunities, a work-life balance, etc. 

Be sure to also include essential details such as the key duties and responsibilities of the role. Try to avoid internal terminology/jargon that professionals may not understand.

Employers saw 30% more applications (on average) for job posts with descriptions between 700 and 2000 characters (~100 to 325 words). 

Provide details on qualifications, certifications and registrations – Does your job ad clearly outline the required qualifications and registration details? 

For example, overseas trained nurses or doctors will need to know whether their qualifications meet Australian standards or whether further study will be required to work in Australia. 

They will also need to know about the requirement to be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) so be sure to include this in your job ad.

Use clear subheadings – Think carefully about the subheadings for your job ad and write your points within the appropriate subheading in short and succinct bulleted points. This will help your professional to scan the job ad and absorb the information quickly.

Include Google Maps in your job ad – This is particularly useful for those who are applying for medical and healthcare roles that live out of state or overseas. The map will provide a clear picture of where your organisation is located and whether it meets their location preferences.

Complete your Job Post 100%

HealthcareLink is not just another job board, we are a platform of over 64,000+ members in total that prides itself on its ability to match the employee's criteria to the employers needs, making the process of matching the ideal candidate to the best position available as easy as 1-2-3.

Let look at an example of an A/B test on our platform. Same job, posted on the same day, but one job is 70% complete and the other is 100% complete with a slight variation in title.   

70% Completed Job

100% Completed Post

What you will notice is that the 100% completed job post not only looks more appealing, but has better information including Salary Type, Billings Rate, Informational Video and a Map. The difference? The 70% completed post received 96 views over a the course of 3 days, whilst the 100% completed post received 1437 views. The difference between the two is night and day, so make sure you finish your job posts with as much information as you can provide. More information means more views, more candidates and ultimately a higher chance to hire the right person.

Stand Out from Other Employers 

Create a unique practice or company profile with your own brand logo, video and brochure to share with professionals. This will give your job posts and business higher rankings in Google and search engines than your competitors.

How HealthcareLink can help!

At HealthcareLink, we’ve made it easy for you to post your job ads and business profiles while keeping the above points in mind. 

We’re simply the best hiring option in Australia right now because unlike generic job boards like Seek and Indeed, when you post your job on our platform it gets matched and promoted across multiple channels of exposure to the top professionals that fit your criteria according to profession, job type, availability, AHPRA registration, visa requirements and more. Your job post’s reach also extends further off the platform through our wider network of industry partner sites. To get the same level of exposure on comparative platforms, you’d be spending well over ten times the cost of our hiring tools. 

With over 70,000 healthcare and medical professionals registered on the platform, you can also access Professional Profiles via our Premium Access option to message matching professional directly.

It’s quick and easy to post jobs and create your company profile. So start posting your job ads today!

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