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Premium Job Post

Your Premium Post, in comparison to a Basic Post, is actively promoted on search results, via email, through online job aggregators, and industry partner sites like GPCE, Hospital + Healthcare, and myHealth Career, bringing up to 7x more exposure for your job post. 

This feature means your job post will be highlighted over other competing job posts, giving your vacancy a better chance of being seen by potential candidates and not glossed over. Your business logo is also promoted with the job post on the search results, email alerts, job aggregators and industry partners. A “Posted By” link is shown, linking your job to your practice or business profile. 

With our one-off Premium Access option you get 1 Premium Post included, and 1 per month if you subscribe to Premium Access Monthly. This number can be increased to as much as you need if you request a Custom Premium Access Package.

Read more about how Premium Posts work here.

Professional Profile Access Credits 

You can search for your ideal candidate using our profile search page and use our Professional Profile Access Credits to view any of our 60,000+ members’ profiles including their experience; profession types, education, accreditation, availabilities, VISA status, location and more.

As part of Premium Access or a custom package, you’ll receive 20 or more Professional Profile Access Credits 

Professional Job Invitation Credits

Once you have looked at the ideal members’ profiles, you are able to use Professional Job Invitation Credits to invite them to your open position. Once invited, they will be notified via email with your invitation. 

If they are interested in the position, they will apply. 

You can also invite members who have been auto-matched to your job post directly after viewing their Basic Profiles. You can unlock these members’ Full Profiles, if desired, using your access credits as well.

As part of Premium Access or a custom package, you’ll receive 20 or more Professional Job Invitation Credits 

Peer Referral Program

As part of Premium Access you'll have the option to activate a Peer Referral program for each job you post. This means that if any of our professional members refer your job to a colleague of theirs who is then successfully hired by you, you'll need to reward that professional member with a referral fee that you set. This could be a cash amount, equivalent gift card or any other incentive you would like. 

To activate, go to job post manager, click on the "Add Peer Referrals" button for the job that you want to create a peer referrals application for.

Enter the referral amount you would like to pay for the referrer once you have successfully placed the candidates and submitted the request. Update your own terms and conditions that you want to be put in for the successful referral payment.

Once you send the request, our support staff will review your request and activate the referral feature within 24 hours.

Business Practice/Profile

The practice or company profile is a unique page on the HealthcareLink website with your own brand’s logo, video and brochure to share with professionals.

This will give your job posts and business website higher rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines, as well as appearing as a standalone Business Profile Page through our platform.

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If you're looking for a ready-to-work/highly qualified candidate and would like our dedicated team's help with the entire hiring process, read more about our On-Demand Access option here.

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