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Our On-Demand option allows you to request your open position be filled by our local On-Demand team. They will source, screen, crendtial and place your ideal candidate from start to finish, informing you at every step and taking charge of the entire hiring process on your behalf. The best part? You only pay upon the successful placement of your candidate, with a 100% replacement guarantee.  

Send Us an Online Request

The first step is to fill out our On-Demand Online Request, and our support consultant will get back to you shortly regarding terms and pricing for for the access and support services.

Let Us Know Exactly Who You Want To Hire

Once your request is placed with one of our Specialists, they will give you a call back to discuss the entire process and gather more information about the exact position you need to fill. 

Once we understand your needs, we will send over a Terms of Business for you to sign to begin the whole process.

Sourcing & Screening

The next step is for your dedicated Specialist to source and screen your ideal candidate, either from our extensive Australian database of 55,000+ Healthcare and Medical Professionals, or from our partner sites and job aggregators. 

Once a pool of ideal candidates have been located, your Specialist will begin the process of screening the candidate. This includes: 

  • Name and contact details
  • Nationality and visa status
  • Gender
  • Official Qualifications
  • Work History
  • Current availability
  • Indication if current Police Check and Working with Children Check held
  • Languages spoken
  • Indication of type of driver’s licence held, if applicable
  • Indication of access to a vehicle
  • Candidate photo
  • Resume
  • Vetting via phone screen of recorded profile information
  • Distance willing to travel for work
  • Any cultural or ethical boundaries that need to be considered
  • Assessment of English comprehension level – Assessment of attitude/engagement
  • Any health conditions that may impact ability to work
  • Skills, equipment and types of clients with which the candidate has experience with
  • Details of two work related referees


If you would like to take it a step further to really get the best of the best, we offer another level called Credentialing. This includes an even more thorough examination such as:

  • Two referee reports provided
  • Qualification documents
  • Certification documents
  • Current Police Check
  • 100 points of ID
  • Visa status confirmation


Once your Specialist has finalised the screening or screening + credentialing process they will organise a time that bests suits you and the potential employee to meet for a formal interview. Once you are happy with the candidate, and you are ready to hire, you'll let your Specialist know so that they can finalise any paperwork and get your new employee to work as soon as possible. 

Ready to hire? Fill out our On-Demand Online Request, and our support consultant will get back to you right away.

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