As an employer posting an ad for a job vacancy, you want the best people to apply. This is no matter what type of business or organisation you run, and it is certainly no different in the healthcare and medical industry.

Healthcare has always been a focus in Australia, but even more so now, with the Federal Government trialling new ways for the community to access and interact with local healthcare services, and the industry said to be on a growth trajectory, already the biggest employer in Australia with one in eight of us working in medicine, healthcare and social assistance services.

In such a market, where there’s choice for candidates, as an employer, you need to do everything you can to ensure you are selecting from the best pool of applicants possible. Of course, there are those who actively looking for a new role and will apply for the job, as long as it ticks most of their boxes.

But how do you find the ideal candidate who ticks most of your boxes?

At HealthcareLink, our platform has the largest number of healthcare professionals, covering medical practitioners, including GPs, nurses, allied health professionals including physiotherapists and psychologists, oral health including dental therapists and healthcare administration staff. To find the ideal candidates for your job vacancy, all you need to do is match the pool against your selection criteria – the factors you deem to be the most important to you. We term this as the “matching criteria”.

When you post your job, you can select from seven key matching criteria – seniority, speciality, country, highest level of education, years of experience, level of AHPRA registration and residency/ visa status.

  • Seniority refers to what level the candidate is now working at, e.g. GP, intern, director, etc.
  • Speciality refers to what the candidate specialises in.
  • Country refers to where the candidate currently resides.
  • Highest education level allows you to specify the level of education you require in a candidate.
  • Experience Years allows you to state the years of experience the candidate is expected to have for the role.
  • AHPRA registration refers to the Australian registration system for most medical and healthcare professions, however, may not necessarily be required for some allied health or administration functions.
  • Residency / visa status allows you to select from candidates with relevant visa status, especially if this is something important in your geographic area and if sponsorship is an option for your organisation.

This selection criteria can be used in two ways –

  1. To send you alerts when a new candidate who matches the criteria joins the HealthcareLink platform, which currently has 35,000+ professionals signed up to look for a new role.
  2. To find the candidates who best match your criteria and invite them to look at your job post and apply for the role.

You can invite potential candidates via the Job Post Manager. Once your job post is live, with your matching criteria set, simply click on ‘matching professionals’ and you can see a list of healthcare professionals who match your criteria.

Scroll through the list and when you find one that seems a good fit, click on the button to “invite” them to apply.

In the invitation, it’s important to reinforce the common ground – what was it that you saw in the candidate’s profile that prompted you to contact them directly. Other tips when inviting a professional to apply for your job vacancy are:

  • Compliment them on their relevant experience, reinforcing the message of why you chose them, while building positive rapport;
  • Include a link to your complete business profile, that includes images of the workplace, local area, people, any videos and links to local events in the community;
  • Paste the short job description into the invite;
  • Avoid referring to salary expectations at this point;
  • Invite them to contact you should they have any questions;
  • Express your enthusiasm in receiving their application for the role.

Remember, salary and a new job title are only two of many considerations a candidate makes when applying for and considering a new job. There are many things you can do to convince a professional member to consider applying for your job vacancy over others and direct invitation to a matching professional is one of the strongest tools available to you.

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