Once our platform matches a screened profile to your job request, we will send you an email notification with candidate's profile.

Here is how the email will appear and the subject lien will indicate which job request the candidate is for.

Once you open the email, You can view the summary profile of the candidate like this.

Step 1 - Review Profile

If you would like to review the profile, click on the "View Profile" button. 

You do not have to login to our platform to view the candidate's details as we have secured this link with your username & password. Only people who have access to this email can open the users profile. 

Once clicked the "View Profile", you will be redirected to the candidate profile where you can review their full profile. 

Step 2:  - Review Credential Files

If you need to access their credential documents, please click on the "Access Credentialled Docs & Download" button. 

Once clicked, you will have full access to all their credential files for 7 days, where you'll be able to download all their relevant qualification and certification documents, and also view their reference details.

Download Credential Documents

View Reference Details

Step 4: Request for Interview

If you are happy to invite this candidate to an interview, please click on the "Request for Interview" button.

This will launch a request interview message form, where you can specify the preferred time, location for the interview (Optional). You can also write a message if you wish, otherwise click on send. Once the interview request has been sent, the candidate and the consultant will receive your request and will review it.

If the candidate is happy to accept your interview, they (or the consultant) will confirm by sending you an email with confirmation as below.

Next steps will follow as agreed, ie interview arrangement, onboarding and placement assistance .

It's that simple :)

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